How To Cook Paprika

Spanish smoked paprika chick

Sweet peppers and hot peppers can be cooked the same way and according to the same technique, but you have to pay attention to some essential differences in terms of time and cooking preparation. Each cooking method will produce a unique texture and taste, so try them before choosing the one that suits you the most.

Paprika recipes
Paprika recipes


  • For about 1 cup (250 ml) paprika dish
  • 1 medium paprika or 2-3 small peppers
  • olive oil or cooking spray
  • water


Method 1 of 3: Roasting paprika

Roasting paprika
Roasting paprika
  1. Preheat oven or oven.

You can cook all types of paprika both in the oven and in the oven. However, large peppers are usually cooked in an oven heated to 218 degrees Celsius, while the small peppers are cooked in a heated oven for 5-10 minutes. Whatever tool you choose, prepare a baking sheet by coating an aluminum foil as a base. If you are using a stove with a temperature range of “high” and “low”, Preheat it to  “high” temperature.

  1. Cut the paprika or leave it whole.

The small peppers must remain intact, while the large peppers can be cut in two or four parts to accelerate the cooking process. Place the paprika pieces on the broiler pan you prepared by pointing them downwards.

  1. Cover the surface of the paprika with a cooking spray.

Spray a baking spray over the entire surface of the paprika or apply a little olive oil to the surface of the skin. A cooking spray or oil is given to prevent peppers from sticking to aluminum foil or baking dish when you are ready to lift them.

  1. Bake until cooked.
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The exact cooking time varies depending on the size of the paprika and how you cook it. However, the large peppers mature in the oven after 20-25 minutes, while the small peppers mature after being baked for 5 to 10 minutes on each side. Alternate the peppers every few moments so that the whole side of the skin is cooked evenly. Once cooked, the skin of the paprika will look darker and sparkling.

  1. Serve hot.

Wrap the peppers with aluminum foil for 10-15 minutes or until the temperature is cold enough that you can touch them directly with your hands. After that, open the aluminum packaging, then use it in a recipe or taste it to your liking. Before serving, Peel the paprika skin with your finger. If you let the peppers cool in an aluminum package, you can peel them easily.


Method 2 of 3: To burn paprika

To burn paprika
To burn paprika
  1. First preheat the fireplace.

Heat a gas or charcoal fireplace over medium heat. Put the charcoal in the chimney, flatten it, light the fire, then wait until the flame goes out and a layer of white ash forms on the surface of the coal. Paprika will be placed directly on the fire. If you are using a gas fireplace, heat it first over high heat before lowering it over medium heat. Once again, the peppers will be placed just above the flame.

  1. Apply oil to the surface of the peppers.

Cover the entire surface of the peppers with olive oil or a cooking spray. Just like the previous method, this is done to prevent the peppers from sticking. Olive oil will also add to the delicious taste of paprika. The paprika must be burnt whole and not cut into pieces.

  1. Burn all sides of the peppers.
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Place the peppers you have prepared on the chimney, back and forth while you burn them so that they cook evenly. A large paprika takes between 25 and 30 minutes for perfect cooking, while the small peppers take between 8 and 12 minutes. If you are using a charcoal fireplace, leave it open. But if you use a gas fireplace, attach the lid.

  1. Leave the peppers for a few moments before serving.

Lift the peppers out of the chimney and wrap them in aluminum foil. Allow the temperature to drop slowly for about 15 minutes, until it is cold enough to hold directly with your hands. If you let the peppers cool in aluminum packaging, you should be able to peel the crispy skin easily with your fingers, so that the paprika meat it contains is easier to serve.


Method 3 of 3: Sauteing paprika

Sauteing paprika
Sauteing paprika
  • Heat a little oil on the stove.

Pour 1 to 2 Tablespoons (15-30 ml) of oil into a large frying pan. Heat on medium-high for a few minutes.

  • Cut the peppers.

Paprika, you should cut into rings, leaves, or the size of a swallow before blowing it. Generally, spicy peppers are cut into rings, while sweet peppers are cut into leaves or once swallowed. You should note that the size of the paprika pieces will determine the cooking time. The size of a large, leaf-shaped paprika, greater than 2.5 cm, may need to be cooked one or two minutes longer than a smaller paprika ring and pieces less than 2.5 cm.

  • Cook the peppers in hot oil.

Add the paprika to the hot oil and Cook, stir for about 4 to 7 minutes or until the mixture is soft but always crispy. You must stir the paprika frequently when you blow it up. Do not let the skin or meat of paprika burn. If the peppers stay too long in the frying pan, they will probably burn.

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How To Cook Paprika
How To Cook Paprika
  • Use according to your tastes.

Sautéed paprika is usually cooked with other ingredients, but you can taste it like that or put it in a recipe that requires ripe peppers. To prepare a complementary meal or a light lunch, you can Sauté peppers with rice and add your favorite sauce-sweet soy sauce, Italian sauce, etc.


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