How To Cook Turkey

Choose the best turkey

Cooking a Turkey, whether small or large, is actually much easier than you can imagine. The key is to start with a well-prepared Turkey and then take steps to make sure your Turkey is not dry during baking. Read further to find out how to choose a Turkey, season it to your liking and bake it in the oven.

How to cook Turkey
How to cook Turkey

Preparing Turkey

  1. Choose the Turkey

Turkey is something appropriate to make you spend more if you can. Turdes that have been frozen for a long time, have remained at the supermarket for a long time or have received condoms will not taste as delicious as fresh turdes and have not been preserved. Remember some of the things below when you choose Turkey.

Choose the Turkey
Choose the Turkey

Try to get fresh Turkey from the butcher, rather than buying meat exposed to the supermarket. Meats usually have a fresher meat. Look for turdes that are not injected with salt. This salt injection will give an artificial Turkey flavour. Choose a Turkey large enough for the number of people you are going to provide. The small turdes weighing from 5.5 to 6.5 kg will suffice for about 10 people, the average size turdes of 7 to 8 kg will suffice for about 16 people and the large turdes from 8.5 to 9.5 kg will suffice for 20 people. people or more.


  1. Liquisell the Turkey if necessary
Liquisell the Turkey if necessary
Liquisell the Turkey if necessary

If you buy frozen Turkey for your event, take it out of the freezer well before cooking so it can melt perfectly, it’s very important. Kalkum must be thawed with the original packaging in the lower box of the refrigerator. Open the package and leave it at room temperature for several hours before preparing it.


  1. Empty the body cavity of the Turkey
Empty the body cavity of the Turkey
Empty the body cavity of the Turkey


Remove the internal organ from the body. These bodies are often already in small bags that are easy to remove (although some people like to keep them for soup or other foods). You will also find the neck of the Turkey in the body cavity of the Turkey; You can save or dispose of it.


  1. Rinse Turkey with running water

After that, dry it with a makaio or wipe it off. It is important to dry the Turkey before putting it in the oven, because if it is wet, the skin of the Turkey will evaporate so as not to become Brown and crispy.

Fill and soak turkey
Fill and soak turkey

Fill and soak Turkey

  1. Fill the Turkey

Prepare your favorite topping-or the sauce, as it is called in the southern United States-and put it in the Turkey cavity with a spoon. Fill up to saturation, then fold the dangling skin to cover the cavity.

Some chefs think that filling the turdes will remove the moisture from the meat during cooking, so that the meat dries. You do not need to fill the Turkey if you prefer.

  1. Soak the Turkey if you want
Soak the Turkey if you want
Soak the Turkey if you want

Soaking is an easy and inexpensive process to provide salty solutions with aromatic herbs, herbs, fruits and vegetables to turdes. This process of curing causes moisture penetration, which means that the meat will not become too dry when cooked, so that the Turkey is wetter.

The chefs have different opinions on the importance of soaking the turdes. If you like salted Turkey, you may need to try it. But if you reduce your salt intake, your Turkey will always have a delicious taste without being drenched.

If you buy a kosher Turkey, you do not need to soak it. Kosher Turkey has been salty in the process at the factory, so it is not necessary to soak it twice.

Roasting and greasing turkey
Roasting and greasing turkey

Roasting and greasing Turkey

  1. Preheat oven to 230 degrees Celsius
  2. Over the tray with aluminum foil
Over turkey the tray with aluminum foil
Over turkey the tray with aluminum foil


Use two thick sheets of aluminum foil. One sheet to cover the length of the Turkey and another one for covering the width.


Make sure the foil sheet is large enough to wrap the Turkey well and form a tent with the Turkey inside. This way the moisture will be maintained and the Turkey will not burn and dry.



  1. Weigh the Turkey to determine the cooking time.

When cooking the Turkey, about 0.5 kg every 20 minutes, including filling.

  1. Place Turkey Breast up in the grill tray
  2. Season the Turkey if you want

Everyone likes to eat Turkey in a certain way. Here are some ideas to spice up the Turkey:

  • If you do not soak the Turkey, you may want to sprinkle with salt and pepper. You do not need to do this step if you have soaked the Turkey.
  • Brush the Turkey with butter or olive oil for a richer flavour and dark brown skin.
  • Garnish with herbs and spices, such as Sage, Rosemary, on Turkey.
  • Place the clove of garlic in the body cavity of the Turkey.
  1. Wrap the foil in all parts of the Turkey and put it in the oven
  2. Lower the temperature to 180 degrees Celsius
  3. Water the Turkey every 30 minutes
Rinse Turkey with running water
Rinse Turkey with running water





Open the oven slowly and use a large pipette or spoon to pour the Turkey fat from the bottom of the grill onto the Turkey skin.


  1. Make the Turkey skin crispy

For the last 30 minutes of cooking, open the Turkey blanket on the chest and thigh. This way the skin will become Brown and crispy.

  1. Check to see if the Turkey is cooked

When the Turkey’s cooking time is over (depending on the weight of the Turkey), use a thermometer to check its maturity. Place the thermometer inside the Turkey thigh. The Turkey is cooked when the temperature reaches 74 degrees Celsius.

Rest and cut Turkey
Rest and cut Turkey

Rest and cut Turkey

Leave the Turkey meat

Turn the grill tray so that the grease accumulates. Remove the Turkey and aluminum foil from the tray and place them on a large cutting board. Cover the Turkey with aluminum foil and leave it for 30 minutes. This will ensure that Turkey meat is moist and soft.

During this time, use Turkey grease to prepare the sauce.If you fill the Turkey, use a spoon to move it into the serving plate. # Cut the Turkey after 30 minutes. The Turkey is cut in the same way as the chopped chicken. Use a sharp knife, cut in the legs, chest and wings. Place Brown meat and white meat in different parts of the plate.

Do not forget to take the bone of the request to be able to apply!

The remaining Turkey will be delicious for soup, sandwiches and pans.

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