What Is The Effect Of Eating Nonmature Chicken?  How To Cook Properly?

Three ways to cook tasty and sweet chicken (2)

Raw fish dishes, or sashimi, are one of the favourites of most Indonesians. Sushi is indeed a healthy food. The content of proteins, iodine, vitamins, minerals and Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish and other seafood has proven to be very good for health. But don’t let this raw food trend you try when you eat chicken. How to cook the chicken should not be half baked-must be completely cooked. Eating undercooked chicken can endanger the health of the body.

How to cook chicken properly
How to cook chicken properly

What is the effect on the body if eating chicken is not cooked?

Raw or undercooked cooking is generally not good because it is feared that some bacteria will remain attached to food, which can cause disease. Same with chicken. The difference is that parasites present in raw fish can easily die once the fish is frozen before being served. Fish usually processed in sushi and sashimi are usually frozen at-20 °c for 7 days or at-35 °c for 15 hours. As a result, raw fish consumption is considered safe if prepared in accordance with applicable food safety regulations.

During this time, raw chicken is more likely to cause infection, especially in young children, the elderly and pregnant women. Because the bacteria responsible for diseases in raw chicken meat will not be affected by freezing, according to Ben Chapman, food security specialist and Professor at North Carolina State University. Boiling or grilling half-baked chicken is also not effective in killing all the bacteria contained in chicken meat.

The chicken still raw or not cooked enough can keep the bacteria Campylobacter and salmonella. Both types of bacteria can cause food poisoning and vomiting. Symptoms include diarrhea, abdominal cramps, fever, nausea and vomiting (in some cases). So you should avoid eating chicken that is still raw or not cooked enough.

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What is the effect on the body if eating chicken is not cooked
What is the effect on the body if eating chicken is not cooked

How to cook chicken properly?

In order to avoid an infection because you eat raw or immature chicken, you must apply the proper cooking method. Cooking the chicken until it is completely cooked can kill the harmful bacteria contained in the chicken meat.

First, wash your hands before handling chicken. Remember, cleanliness is the main thing in handling each meal. You must also separate the knife and cutting board to cut the chicken with knives and cutting boards for other food ingredients, such as vegetables and fruits. This is to prevent cross-contamination between chickens and other food ingredients.

Then cook the chicken until the minimum temperature of the meat inside the chicken reaches 74° Celsius. You can check it with a special cooking thermometer. You can also see the level of maturity of the meat from its color and tenderness. Make sure the chicken meat changes color, no chicken is still pink. After that, make sure the meat is tender by stabbing it with a knife or fork. If the knife penetrates easily into the chicken meat, the mark is cooked.

If you are roasting chicken, make sure the grill temperature is 177 ° Celsius and bake for about 25 to 30 minutes, depending on the size of the chicken. If the chicken is burned, make sure both sides of the chicken are ripe, possibly requiring a burning time of about 10-15 minutes for each side of the chicken. If the chicken is boiled, boil it for at least 50 minutes or it can cook more, depending on the large chicken.

What is the effect of eating nonmature chicken
What is the effect of eating nonmature chicken

Three ways to cook tasty and sweet chicken

Compared to other food ingredients such as beef or fish, cooking chicken is considered easier. Chicken is one of the most commonly processed foods in home accompaniment. Known as a delicious, nutrient-rich food, the chicken often consists of delicious dishes, ranging from fried chicken to grilled chicken and chicken to soy sauce.

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Despite this, there are still many people who do not know how to cook the right chicken. A bad way to cook the chicken can make the meat less tender. Therefore, special tips and tricks are needed to make the texture and taste of the meat more tender and salty. Well, here’s Liputan6.com summarizing various sources this Wednesday (11/07/2018) 3 ways to cook a delicious and very tender chicken.

Do not keep chicken too long in the refrigerator
Do not keep chicken too long in the refrigerator

Tips on cooking chicken to be tender

  1. Choose younger chickens

Choosing chicken is one of the things you need to be careful about. If you want to get more tender and delicious chicken preparations, you can choose young chickens. Besides that the meat is not too harsh, young chicken meat also tastes tastier.

  1. Do not keep chicken too long in the refrigerator

The technique of preserving chicken meat is a crucial step for cooking chicken. For the longest time, keep the chicken in the refrigerator for two days. The problem is that the temperature of a refrigerator in a House is usually warmer than that of a refrigerator in the store and that it is more often open and closed. Even if the expiry date is still long, the chicken is usually not so fresh.

  1. Boiling

To make your chicken tender and gentle, you can boil the meat with the pieces of sugarcane. By using pieces of sugarcane, the chicken meat will be soft and soft quickly. So you can turn it into a variety of delicious and delicious dishes.

In addition to sugarcane, another way to cook chicken to be tender and fluffy is to boil it in coconut water. Boiling the chicken with coconut water will facilitate softening and softness, but it will also add flavor.

  1. Tempered
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Before you treat the chicken, be sure to season it first. Not only enhances the taste of meat, this technique will also make the texture of the meat softer and fibrous. Season the chicken about 3-4 hours before cooking to be even more delicious.

How to cook the chicken can be done if you want to treat the chicken by frying it. How to dip the chicken with spices to your liking. In addition to making the meat faster, the soaking process will make the meat more tasty and delicious.

  1. Slice meat

Before processing, cut the chicken meat into thin strips following the Groove of the meat fibre, then the meat strikes to make it softer. Usually, how to cook a chicken is very good for roast chicken or fried chicken.

Three ways to cook tasty and sweet chicken
Three ways to cook tasty and sweet chicken
  1. Do not cook too long

The right way to cook the chicken is to avoid doing it too long. Often made for the chicken to be cooked to perfection, too long cooking seems to make the texture and fibre of the meat harder and drier. Therefore, be careful when cooking the chicken and remember to turn it over so that the entire surface of the chicken is cooked evenly.

Well, if you already know tips on chicken cooking, the time has come to turn chicken into a favorite dish, like grilled chicken, soy sauce seasoning and regular fried chicken.

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